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Can you believe your eyes?

In every kind of life situation, we are faced with learned behaviours and assumptions. These are some of the strongest factors of human nature. It is of great important that we look at the effects that blindly following these dominant discourses and pre-conceived thinking patterns can have upon us. So, what exactly is

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We look but do we really see?

I was recently asked to answer the question “If travelling due west from the UK, which state of the U.S would I arrive at?” You might think this would be a really simple question to answer, but go on give it a go… For the life of me I couldn't think which it would

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Are you Lean Enough

What is lean? ‘Lean development’ as a methodology has become increasingly popular over the past decade, not least due to Eric Ries’ best-seller The Lean Start Up. But what is all the fuss about? The argument goes that designing new products or services is risky because there are so many uncertainties and design teams

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Helping those in need this Christmas @ Crisis

This year I took a few days out from my usual last minute Christmas shopping to spend some time volunteering for Crisis at Christmas. Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people, dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. This Christmas my sister and I donated our

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We live in testing times…

Measuring Usability - Hypothesis Testing Usability can and should be measured just like any other engineering attribute. You must ensure when making changes to your product that you can track the impact of these changes. A good place to start to understand usability metrics is with the official ISO definition of usability, which goes

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From Red Routes to User Stories

From Red Routes to User Stories User stories are a key component of Agile development, they are used as the basis of instructions to your design and development team.  Traditionally user stories are written on index cards referred to as story cards but today online programs such a Trello are often

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It’s okay to say no…

How Apple Nailed It It is impossible to write about user experience without having a token ‘Apple’ case study. After all, they really did hit the nail on the head! But how? As one of the world’s greatest innovators once said... “Innovating is not about saying yes to everything; it’s about saying no to

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